YawPitchRollAngles Class

Three angles that determine the orientation of an object in space. Sometimes referred to as Tait–Bryan angles.


Name Description
constructor(yaw: Angle = Angle.zero(), pitch: Angle = Angle.zero(), roll: Angle = Angle.zero()): YawPitchRollAngles    
clone(): YawPitchRollAngles Make a copy of this YawPitchRollAngles.  
freeze(): void Freeze this YawPitchRollAngles  
isAlmostEqual(other: YawPitchRollAngles): boolean * Compare angles between this and other.  
isIdentity(allowPeriodShift: boolean = true): boolean Returns true if this rotation does nothing.  
maxAbsDegrees(): number Return the largest angle in degrees.  
maxAbsRadians(): number Return the largest angle in radians  
maxDiffRadians(other: YawPitchRollAngles): number Return the largest difference of angles (in radians) between this and other  
setFrom(other: YawPitchRollAngles): void Install all rotations from other into this.  
setFromJSON(json?: YawPitchRollProps): void populate yaw, pitch and roll fields using Angle.fromJSON  
sumSquaredDegrees(): number Return the sum of squared angles in degrees.  
sumSquaredRadians(): number Return the sum of the angles in squared radians  
toJSON(): YawPitchRollProps Convert to a JSON object of form { pitch: 20 , roll: 29.999999999999996 , yaw: 10 }.  
toMatrix3d(result?: Matrix3d): Matrix3d Expand the angles into a (rigid rotation) matrix.  
createDegrees(yawDegrees: number, pitchDegrees: number, rollDegrees: number): YawPitchRollAngles Static constructor for YawPitchRollAngles with angles in degrees.  
createFromMatrix3d(matrix: Matrix3d, result?: YawPitchRollAngles): YawPitchRollAngles | undefined Static Attempts to create a YawPitchRollAngles object from an Matrix3d
This conversion fails if the matrix is not rigid (unit rows and columns, transpose is inverse)
In the failure case the method's return value is undefined.
createRadians(yawRadians: number, pitchRadians: number, rollRadians: number): YawPitchRollAngles Static constructor for YawPitchRollAngles with angles in radians.  
fromJSON(json?: YawPitchRollProps): YawPitchRollAngles Static construct a YawPitchRoll object from an object with 3 named angles  
tryFromTransform(transform: Transform): object Static Return an object from a Transform as an origin and YawPitchRollAngles.  


Name Type Description
pitch Angle The pitch angle.  
roll Angle The roll angle.  
yaw Angle The yaw angle.  

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Last Updated: 03 June, 2019