Classes for working with Views


Name Description  
AuxCoordSystem2dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem2d element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystem3dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem3d element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystemSpatialState The state of an AuxCoordSystemSpatial element in the frontend  
AuxCoordSystemState The state of an AuxCoordSystem element in the frontend  
CategorySelectorState A set of Categories to be displayed in a ViewState.  
ChangeFlags Viewport event synchronization flags. Beta
Cluster A cluster of one or more Markers that overlap one another in the view.  
DecorationAnimator A ViewportAnimator that animates decorations.  
DepthRangeNpc The minimum and maximum values for the z-depth of a rectangle of screen space.  
DisplayStyle2dState A display style that can be applied to 2d views.  
DisplayStyle3dState A DisplayStyleState that can be applied to spatial views.  
DisplayStyleState A DisplayStyle defines the parameters for 'styling' the contents of a ViewState  
DrawingViewState A view of a DrawingModel  
Environment Describes the SkyBox and GroundPlane associated with a DisplayStyle3dState.  
IconSprites Icon sprites are loaded from .png files in the assets directory of imodeljs-native.  
MarginPercent Margins for white space to be left around view volumes for ViewState.lookAtVolume.  
Marker A Marker is a CanvasDecoration, whose position follows a fixed location in world space.  
MarkerSet A set of Markers that are logically related, such that they cluster when they overlap.  
ModelSelectorState The state of a ModelSelector.  
OrthographicViewState Defines a spatial view that displays geometry on the image plane using a parallel orthographic projection.  
ScreenViewport An interactive Viewport that exists within an HTMLDivElement.  
SheetViewState A view of a SheetModel.  
SkyBox The SkyBox is part of an Environment drawn in the background of spatial views to provide context.  
SkyCube A SkyBox drawn as a cube with an image mapped to each of its interior faces.  
SkyGradient A SkyBox drawn as a sphere with a gradient mapped to its interior surface.  
SkySphere A SkyBox drawn as a sphere with an image mapped to its interior surface.  
SpatialViewState Defines a view of one or more SpatialModels.  
Sprite Sprites are small raster images that are drawn on top of Viewports by a ViewDecoration.  
SpriteLocation A Sprite location.  
StandardView Supplies access to a set of commonly-used view rotations.  
TwoWayViewportSync Forms a 2-way connection between 2 Viewports of the same iModel, such that any change of the parameters in one will be reflected in the other.  
ViewManager The ViewManager holds the list of opened views, plus the selected view.  
Viewport A Viewport renders the contents of one or more Models onto an HTMLCanvasElement.  
ViewRect A rectangle in integer view coordinates with (0,0) corresponding to the top-left corner of the view.  
ViewState The front-end state of a ViewDefinition element.  
ViewState2d Defines the state of a view of a single 2d model.  
ViewState3d Defines the state of a view of 3d models.  


Name Description  
ChangeFlag Beta
CoordSystem Coordinate system types  
GridOrientationType Describes the orientation of the grid displayed within a Viewport.  
RemoveMe Status for ViewportAnimator.animate.  
StandardViewId Describes a set of commonly-used view rotations.  
ViewStatus Describes the result of a viewing operation such as those exposed by ViewState and Viewport.  


Name Description  
Decorator Interface for drawing "decorations" into, or on top of, the active Viewports.  
ExtentLimits Describes the largest and smallest values allowed for the extents of a ViewState.  
FeatureOverrideProvider An object which customizes the appearance of Features within a Viewport.  
SelectedViewportChangedArgs Argument for ViewManager.onSelectedViewportChanged  
ViewChangeOptions Options that control how operations that change a view work.  
ViewportAnimator An object to animate a transition of a Viewport.  
ZoomToOptions Options to allow changing the view rotation with zoomTo methods.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
MarkerImage The types that may be used  

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019