Classes for rendering the contents of views.


Name Description
AnimationBranchState Clip/Transform for a branch that are varied over time.
DecorateContext Provides context for a Decorator to add Decorations to be rendered within a Viewport.
Decorations A set of RenderGraphics and CanvasDecorations produced by Tools and Decorators, used to decorate the contents of a Viewport.
DynamicsContext Provides context for an InteractiveTool to display decorations representing its current state.
EmphasizeElements An implementation of FeatureOverrideProvider for emphasizing selected elements through simple color/transparency appearance overrides.
GraphicBranch A node in a scene graph.
GraphicBuilder Provides methods for constructing a RenderGraphic from geometric primitives.
PackedFeatureTable An immutable, packed representation of a FeatureTable.
RenderClipVolume An opaque representation of a clip volume applied to geometry within a Viewport.
RenderContext Provides context for producing RenderGraphics for drawing within a Viewport.
RenderGraphic Abstract representation of an object which can be rendered by a RenderSystem.
RenderSystem A RenderSystem provides access to resources used by the internal WebGL-based rendering system.
RenderTarget A RenderTarget connects a Viewport to a WebGLRenderingContext to enable the viewport's contents to be displayed on the screen.


Name Description
ClippingType Describes the type of a RenderClipVolume.
FeatureOverrideType Whether override includes both color and alpha, only color, or only alpha.
GraphicType Describes the type of a GraphicBuilder, which defines the coordinate system in which the builder's geometry is defined and

Global Functions

Name Description
extractImageSourceDimensions Extract the dimensions of the jpeg or png data encoded in an ImageSource.
getImageSourceFormatForMimeType Get the ImageSourceFormat corresponding to the mime type string, or undefined if the string does not identify a supported ImageSourceFormat.
getImageSourceMimeType Get a string describing the mime type associated with an ImageSource format.
imageBufferToBase64EncodedPng Converts the contents of an ImageBuffer to PNG format.
imageBufferToPngDataUrl Produces a data url in "image/png" format from the contents of an ImageBuffer.
imageElementFromImageSource Extract an html Image element from a binary jpeg or png.


Name Description
CanvasDecoration A Decoration)] that is drawn onto the
InstancedGraphicParams Parameters for creating a RenderGraphic representing a collection of instances of shared geometry.
TextureImage Describes a texture loaded from an HTMLImageElement


Name Description
FeatureSymbology Contains types that enable an application to customize how FeatureSymbology.Features are drawn within a Viewport.
Pixel Describes aspects of a pixel as read from a Viewport.

Type Aliases

Name Description
AnimationBranchStates Mapping from node/branch IDs to animation branch state
CanvasDecorationList An array of CanvasDecorations
GraphicList An array of RenderGraphics.

Last Updated: 19 February, 2019