A Polyface is a mesh structure with arrays of points that are shared among multiple incident facets.


Name Description  
AuxChannel Represents a single PolyfaceAuxData channel.  
AuxChannelData Represents the AuxChannel data at a single input value.  
IndexedEdgeMatcher An IndexedEdgeMatcher carries an array (edges) of edges start & end indices for sorting and subsequent analyses (such as testing for closed mesh)  
IndexedPolyface An IndexedPolyface is a set of facets which can have normal, param, and color arrays with independent point, normal, param, and color indices.  
IndexedPolyfaceVisitor An IndexedPolyfaceVisitor is an iterator-like object that "visits" facets of a mesh.  
Polyface A Polyface is n abstract mesh structure (of unspecified implementation) that provides a PolyfaceVisitor  
PolyfaceAuxData The PolyfaceAuxData structure contains one or more analytical data channels for each vertex of a Polyface.  
PolyfaceBuilder * Simple construction for strongly typed GeometryQuery objects:  
PolyfaceClip PolyfaceClip is a static class gathering operations using Polyfaces and clippers.  
PolyfaceData PolyfaceData carries data arrays for point, normal, param, color and their indices.  
PolyfaceQuery PolyfaceQuery is a static class whose methods implement queries on a polyface or polyface visitor provided as a parameter to each method.  
SortableEdge * For boundary sorting, an edge is a (packed!) Float64Array.  
UVSurfaceOps UVSurfaceOps is a class containing static methods operating on UVSurface objects.  


Name Description  
AuxChannelDataType The data types of AuxChannel.  


Name Description  
PolyfaceVisitor A PolyfaceVisitor manages data while walking through facets.  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
AnnounceDrapePanel Announce the points on a drape panel.  

Last Updated: 20 September, 2019