WidgetHost Class

A WidgetHost represents a definition that hosts one or most Widgets in a Frontstage.

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Name Description
constructor(): WidgetHost Constructor for WidgetHost.  
addWidgetDef(widgetDef: WidgetDef): void Adds a WidgetDef to the list of Widgets.  
findWidgetDef(id: string): WidgetDef | undefined Finds a WidgetDef with a given Id.  
getSingleWidgetDef(): WidgetDef | undefined If there is only one Widget in the Panel, gets the single WidgetDef.  


Name Type Description
widgetCount Accessor ReadOnly number Gets the number of Widgets.  
widgetDefs Accessor ReadOnly WidgetDef[] Gets the list of Widgets.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019