WidgetDef Class

A Widget Definition in the 9-Zone Layout system.

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Name Description
constructor(widgetProps: WidgetProps): WidgetDef    
canOpen(): boolean    
getWidgetControl(type: ConfigurableUiControlType): WidgetControl | undefined    
setLabel(v: string | StringGetter): void Set the label.  
setTooltip(v: string | StringGetter): void Set the tooltip.  
setUpSyncSupport(props: WidgetProps): void    
setWidgetState(newState: WidgetState): void    
initializeFromWidgetProps(widgetProps: WidgetProps, me: WidgetDef): void Static    


Name Type Description
activeState Accessor ReadOnly WidgetState    
applicationData undefined | any    
betaBadge undefined | false | true    
classId string | ConfigurableUiControlConstructor | undefined    
fillZone boolean    
iconSpec string | React.ReactNode    
id string    
isActive Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
isFloating boolean    
isFloatingStateSupported boolean    
isFloatingStateWindowResizable boolean    
isFreeform boolean    
isStatusBar boolean    
isToolSettings boolean    
isVisible Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
label Accessor ReadOnly string Get the label string  
priority number    
reactElement Accessor React.ReactNode    
state WidgetState    
stateChanged boolean    
stateFunc undefined | (state: Readonly<WidgetState>) => WidgetState    
syncEventIds string[]    
tooltip Accessor ReadOnly string Get the tooltip string  
widgetControl Accessor ReadOnly WidgetControl | undefined    
widgetType WidgetType    

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019