SyncUiEventId Enumeration

Event Id used to sync UI components. Typically used to refresh visibility or enable state of control.


Name Value Description
TaskActivated "taskactivated" A Task has been activated.
ToolActivated "toolactivated" An InteractiveTool has been activated via the ToolAdmin.
BackstageEvent "backstageevent" Backstage has been closed.
FrontstageReady "frontstageready" A Frontstage has been activated and the content has been assigned.
WorkflowActivated "workflowactivated" A Workflow has been activated.
ModalDialogChanged "modaldialogchanged" A Modal Dialog has been opened or closed.
WidgetStateChanged "widgetstatechanged" The state of a Widget has changed.
BackstageCloseEvent "backstagecloseevent" Backstage has been closed.
SelectionSetChanged "selectionsetchanged" The SelectionSet for the active IModelConnection has changed.
ActiveContentChanged "activecontentchanged" The active content as maintained by the ContentViewManager has changed.
FrontstageActivating "frontstageactivating" A Frontstage is activating.
ActiveViewportChanged "activeviewportchanged" The active view maintained by the ViewManager has changed.
ContentLayoutActivated "contentlayoutactivated" A Content Layout has been activated.
ModalFrontstageChanged "modalfrontstagechanged" A Modal Frontstage has been opened or closed.
NavigationAidActivated "navigationaidactivated" A NavigationAid has been activated.
ContentControlActivated "contentcontrolactivated" A Content Control maintained by FrontstageManager has been activated.

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019