AppNotificationManager Class

The AppNotificationManager class is a subclass of NotificationManager in @bentley/imodeljs-frontend. This implementation uses the iModel.js UI library to display alerts, messages, prompts and tooltips.



Name Description
_showToolTip(el: HTMLElement, message: HTMLElement | string, pt?: XAndY, options?: ToolTipOptions): void Protected Show a ToolTip window.  
clearToolTip(): void Clear the ToolTip if it is currently open.  
closeInputFieldMessage(): void Hide a InputField message.  
closePointerMessage(): void Hides the Pointer message.  
endActivityMessage(reason: ActivityMessageEndReason): boolean End an activity message.  
openMessageBox(mbType: MessageBoxType, message: HTMLElement | string, icon: MessageBoxIconType): Promise<MessageBoxValue> Output a MessageBox and wait for response from the user.  
outputActivityMessage(messageText: HTMLElement | string, percentComplete: number): boolean Output an activity message to the user.  
outputMessage(message: NotifyMessageDetails): void Output a message and/or alert to the user.  
outputPrompt(prompt: string): void Output a prompt to the user.  
outputPromptByKey(key: string): void Output a prompt, given an i18n key.  
setupActivityMessage(details: ActivityMessageDetails): boolean Set up for activity messages.  
updatePointerMessage(displayPoint: XAndY, relativePosition: RelativePosition): void Update message position created with Pointer.  

Inherited methods

Name Inherited from Description
openToolTip(_htmlElement: HTMLElement, message: HTMLElement | string, location?: XAndY, options?: ToolTipOptions): void NotificationManager Show a tooltip window.


Name Type Description
isToolTipOpen Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if the tooltip is currently open.  
isToolTipSupported Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if _showTooltip has an implementation and will display a tooltip.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
toolTipLocation Point2d NotificationManager  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019