FrontstageDef Class

FrontstageDef class provides an API for a Frontstage.


Name Description
constructor(): FrontstageDef Constructs the FrontstageDef  
findWidgetDef(id: string): WidgetDef | undefined Finds a WidgetDef based on a given id  
getZoneDef(zoneId: number): ZoneDef | undefined Gets a ZoneDef based on a given zone id  
initializeFromProvider(frontstageProvider: FrontstageProvider): void Initializes this FrontstageDef from a FrontstageProvider  
onActivated(): void Handles when the Frontstage becomes activated  
onDeactivated(): void Handles when the Frontstage becomes inactive  
onFrontstageReady(): void Handles when the Frontstage becomes active  
setActiveContent(): boolean Sets the active view content control to the default or first  
setActiveView(newContent: ContentControl, oldContent?: ContentControl): void Sets the active view content control  
setActiveViewFromViewport(viewport: ScreenViewport): boolean Sets the active view content control based on the selected viewport.  
setContentLayoutAndGroup(contentLayoutDef: ContentLayoutDef, contentGroup: ContentGroup): void Sets the Content Layout and Content Group  
startDefaultTool(): void Starts the default tool for the Frontstage  
waitUntilReady(): Promise<void> Returns once the contained widgets and content controls are ready to use  


Name Type Description
applicationData undefined | any    
bottomCenter undefined | ZoneDef    
bottomLeft undefined | ZoneDef    
bottomRight undefined | ZoneDef    
centerLeft undefined | ZoneDef    
centerRight undefined | ZoneDef    
contentControls Accessor ReadOnly ContentControl[] Gets the list of ContentControls  
contentGroup undefined | ContentGroup    
contentGroupId string    
contentLayoutDef undefined | ContentLayoutDef    
contextToolbarEnabled boolean    
defaultContentId string    
defaultLayout undefined | ContentLayoutDef    
defaultLayoutId string    
defaultTool undefined | ToolItemDef    
frontstageProvider undefined | FrontstageProvider    
hubEnabled boolean    
id string    
inheritZoneStates boolean    
isInFooterMode boolean    
nineZone undefined | NineZoneManagerProps    
topCenter undefined | ZoneDef    
topLeft undefined | ZoneDef    
topRight undefined | ZoneDef    
zoneDefs Accessor ReadOnly ZoneDef[] Gets a list of ZoneDefs  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019