ModelessDialogManager Class

Modeless Dialog Manager class.


Name Description
closeDialog(id: string): void Static Close a modeless dialog  
getDialogZIndex(id: string): number Static Get the z-index for a modeless dialog  
handlePointerDownEvent(_event: PointerEvent, id: string, updateFunc: () => void): void Static Handle a pointer down event on a modeless dialog  
openDialog(dialog: React.ReactNode, id: string): void Static Open a modeless dialog  
update(): void Static Update the dialogs  


Name Type Description
activeDialog Accessor StaticReadOnly React.ReactNode | undefined Get the active modeless dialog  
dialogCount Accessor StaticReadOnly number Get the count of modeless dialogs  
dialogs Accessor StaticReadOnly DialogInfo[] Get the array of modeless dialogs  
onModelessDialogChangedEvent Static ModelessDialogChangedEvent Modeless Dialog Changed Event  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019