ContentLayoutManager Class

ContentLayout Manager class.


Name Description
addLayout(layoutId: string, layoutDef: ContentLayoutDef): void Static Adds a Content Layout.  
findLayout(layoutId: string): ContentLayoutDef | undefined Static Finds a Content Layout with a given id.  
loadLayout(layoutProps: ContentLayoutProps): void Static Loads a Content Layout.  
loadLayouts(layoutPropsList: ContentLayoutProps[]): void Static Loads one or more Content Layouts.  
refreshActiveLayout(): void Static Refreshes the active layout and content group.  
setActiveLayout(contentLayoutDef: ContentLayoutDef, contentGroup: ContentGroup): Promise<void> Static Sets the active Content Layout, Content Group and Content Control.  


Name Type Description
activeContentGroup Accessor StaticReadOnly ContentGroup | undefined Gets the active Content Group  
activeLayout Accessor StaticReadOnly ContentLayoutDef | undefined Gets the active Content Layout  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019