BackstageItemSpec Interface


Describes the data needed to insert a button into the backstage menu.


Name Type Description
badge undefined | BadgeType if not specified no badge will be created.  
condition undefined | ConditionalDisplaySpecification if item's display is conditional then a ConditionalDisplaySpecification is specified.  
groupPriority number GroupPriority specifies the group an item is in (recommend using values 1 through 100).  
icon undefined | string Name of icon WebFont entry or if specifying an SVG symbol added by plug on use "svg:" prefix to imported symbol Id.  
itemId string Require uniqueId for the item.  
itemPriority number Priority within a group (recommend using values 1 through 100)  
itemType BackstageItemType type of item to be inserted  
label string Label  
subtitle undefined | string Subtitle  
toolTip undefined | string Tooltip.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019