Name Description
ActionButtonItemDef Abstract base class that is used by classes to execute an action when pressed.
ActionItemButton A Toolbar button React Component that executes an action defined by a CommandItemDef or a ToolItemDef.
ActiveContentChangedEvent Active Content Changed Event class.
ActivityCenterField Activity Center Field React component.
ActivityMessageCancelledEvent Activity Message Cancelled Event class.
ActivityMessageUpdatedEvent Activity Message Added Event class.
AppNotificationManager The AppNotificationManager class is a subclass of NotificationManager in @bentley/imodeljs-frontend.
Backstage Backstage React component.
BackstageComposer BackstageComposer React component. Beta
BackstageEvent Backstage Event class.
BackstageItemManager Controls registering of BackstageItemProviders and calls the provider's methods when populating different parts of the User Interface. Beta
BetaBadge Beta Badge React component Beta
BooleanSyncUiListener A component that expect its children to be a function that will be passed the current boolValue state.
CategoryModelTree Tree which displays and manages models or categories contained in an iModel. Deprecated
CommandItemDef An Item that executes a Command.
CommandLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that launches a Command
ConditionalItemDef An Item that conditionally renders other items based on UiSync events. Beta
ConfigurableBase The base class for all ConfigurableUi elements
ConfigurableCreateInfo Information for creating a ConfigurableUi element
ConfigurableUiControl The abstract base class for all Frontstage controls.
ConfigurableUiManager Configurable Ui Manager maintains controls, Frontstages, Content Groups, Content Layouts, Tasks and Workflows.
ContentControl The base class for Frontstage content controls.
ContentControlActivatedEvent ContentControl Activated Event class.
ContentGroup ContentGroup class.
ContentGroupManager ContentGroup Manager class.
ContentLayout Content Layout React component.
ContentLayoutActivatedEvent Content Layout Activated Event class.
ContentLayoutDef Content Layout Definition class.
ContentLayoutManager ContentLayout Manager class.
ContentViewManager Content View Manager class.
CoreTools Utility Class that provides definitions of tools provided by iModel.js core.
CursorInformation Cursor Information class Beta
CursorPopup CursorPopup React component Beta
CursorPopupManager CursorPopup component Beta
CursorPopupRenderer CursorPopupRenderer React component. Beta
CursorUpdatedEvent Cursor Updated Event class. Beta
CustomItemDef An Item that renders a React component. Beta
DialogChangedEvent Dialog Changed Event class.
DragDropLayerChangedEvent Drag/Drop Layer Changed Event class. Beta
DragDropLayerManager Drag/Drop Layer Manager class. Beta
DragDropLayerRendererComponent DragDropLayerRenderer component. Beta
ElementTooltip ElementTooltip React component.
ElementTooltipChangedEvent ElementTooltip Changed Event class.
ExpandableSection Expandable Section React component used by ListPickerBase Beta
Frontstage Frontstage React component.
FrontstageActivatedEvent Frontstage Activated Event class.
FrontstageComposer FrontstageComposer React component.
FrontstageDeactivatedEvent Frontstage Deactivated Event class.
FrontstageDef FrontstageDef class provides an API for a Frontstage.
FrontstageLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that activates a Frontstage
FrontstageManager Frontstage Manager class.
FrontstageProvider Provides a Frontstage as a React based definition
FrontstageReadyEvent Frontstage Ready Event class.
GroupItemDef An Item that opens a group of items.
InputFieldMessage InputField message pops up near pointer when attempting an invalid interaction.
InputFieldMessageAddedEvent Input Field Message Added Event class
InputFieldMessageRemovedEvent Input Field Message Removed Event class.
ItemDefBase The base class for Items.
ItemList Contains a list of Items.
ItemMap Contains a map of Items.
KeyboardShortcut Keyboard Shortcut used to execute an action
KeyboardShortcutContainer Keyboard Shortcut Container
KeyboardShortcutManager Keyboard Shortcut Manager
KeyboardShortcutMenu Widget State Changed Event class.
KeyboardShortcutMenuEvent KeyboardShortcut Menu Event class.
ListPicker List Picker that lets the user pick from a list of items to enable/disable Beta
ListPickerBase List picker base class. Beta
ListPickerItem List Picker Item React component Beta
MarkupTools Utility Class that provides definitions of tools provided by imodeljs-markup package.
MessageAddedEvent Message Added Event class.
MessageCenterField Message Center Field React component.
MessageManager The MessageManager class manages messages and prompts.
ModalDialogChangedEvent Modal Dialog Changed Event class.
ModalDialogManager Modal Dialog Manager class.
ModalDialogRenderer ModalDialogRenderer React component.
ModalFrontstage ModalFrontstage React component
ModalFrontstageChangedEvent Modal Frontstage Stack Changed Event class.
ModelessDialog Modeless Dialog React component
ModelessDialogChangedEvent Modeless Dialog Changed Event class.
ModelessDialogManager Modeless Dialog Manager class.
ModelessDialogRenderer ModelessDialogRenderer React component.
MouseDownChangedEvent Mouse Down Changed Event class.
NavigationAidActivatedEvent NavigationAid Activated Event class.
NavigationAidControl The base class for Navigation Aid controls.
NavigationWidget Navigation Widget React component.
NavigationWidgetDef A Navigation Widget normally displayed in the top right zone in the 9-Zone Layout system.
NestedFrontstage Nested Frontstage related classes and commands
PointerMessage Pointer message pops up near pointer when attempting an invalid interaction.
PointerMessageChangedEvent Pointer Message Changed Event emitted by the PointerMessage component
PopupButton Used to provide custom popup button in toolbar.
PropsHelper A set of helper methods for various props
SavedView SavedView class. Beta
SavedViewLayout SavedViewLayout class. Beta
SeparatorBackstageItem Separator Backstage item.
SignIn React component.
SignOutModalFrontstage Modal frontstage displaying sign out form.
StandardMessageBox StandardMessageBox React component displays a standard icon, message text and a standard button set in the lower right.
StatusBar Status Bar React component.
StatusBarWidgetControl Status Bar Widget Control.
SyncToolSettingsPropertiesEvent Sync Tool Settings Properties Event class.
SyncUiEvent SyncUi Event class.
SyncUiEventDispatcher SyncUi Event Dispatcher class.
Task Task class.
TaskActivatedEvent Task Activated Event class.
TaskLaunchBackstageItem Backstage item that activates a Task
TaskManager Task Manager class.
ToolActivatedEvent Tool Activated Event class.
ToolAssistanceField Tool Assistance Field React component. Beta
ToolbarButtonHelper A set of Dom helper methods Beta
ToolbarWidgetDefBase A Toolbar Widget normally displayed in the top left & top right zones in the 9-Zone Layout system.
ToolButton Tool Button React Component.
ToolIconChangedEvent Tool Icon Changed Event class.
ToolInformation Provides information about a tool with a given id, including the ToolUiProvider.
ToolItemDef An Item that starts the execution of a Tool.
ToolUiProvider ToolUiProvider provides the Tool Settings and/or Tool Assistance UI for a tool.
ToolWidget ToolWidget React component.
ToolWidgetDef A Tool Widget normally displayed in the top left zone in the 9-Zone Layout system.
UiFramework Manages the Redux store, I18N service and iModel, Project and Login services for the ui-framework package.
UiVisibilityChangedEvent UiVisibility Event class. Beta
UserProfileBackstageItem User Profile Backstage React component.
ViewportContentControl The base class for Frontstage Viewport content controls.
ViewSelector View Selector React component Beta
ViewSelectorChangedEvent ViewSelector Changed Event class. Beta
ViewUtilities Various View utility methods
VisibilityTree A tree component that shows a subject - model - category - element
Widget Widget React component.
WidgetControl The base class for Widget controls.
WidgetDef A Widget Definition in the 9-Zone Layout system.
WidgetHost A WidgetHost represents a definition that hosts one or most Widgets in a Frontstage.
WidgetStateChangedEvent Widget State Changed Event class.
Workflow Workflow class.
WorkflowActivatedEvent Workflow Activated Event class.
WorkflowManager Workflow Manager class.
Zone Zone React component.
ZoneDef A ZoneDef represents each zone within a Frontstage.


Name Description
COLOR_THEME_DEFAULT The default color theme. Beta
combineReducers Turns an object whose values are different reducer functions, into a single
ConfigurableUiActions An object with a function that creates each ConfigurableUiReducer that can be handled by our reducer.
ConfigurableUiContent The ConfigurableUiContent component is the high order component the pages specified using ConfigurableUi
DragDropLayerRenderer Contains the DragLayers to all DragSource types. Beta
FrameworkReducer Framework reducer that combines the ConfigurableUiReducer and SessionStateReducer. Beta
PromptField Prompt Field React component.
SelectionInfoField SelectionInfo Status Field React component.
SelectionScopeField SelectionScopeField React component.
SessionStateActions An object with a function that creates each SessionStateReducer that can be handled by our reducer. Beta
SnapModeField Snap Mode Field React component.
ThemeManager ThemeManager handles setting color themes. Beta
WIDGET_OPACITY_DEFAULT The default widget opacity. Beta


Name Description
BackstageItemType Used to specify the item type added to the backstage menu. Beta
BadgeType Specifies type of badge, if any, that should be overlaid on UI component. Beta
ColorTheme Enum for the Color Theme string. Beta
ConditionalDisplayType Used to specify if the UI item's visibility or enable state is affected by the testFunc defined in ConditionalDisplaySpecification. Beta
ConfigurableUiActionId Action Ids used by Redux and to send sync UI components.
ConfigurableUiControlType The type of the ConfigurableUiControl.
CursorDirection Enum for Cursor Direction Beta
CursorDirectionParts Enum for Cursor Direction parts
FunctionKey Enumeration for Function Keys
ListItemType Enum for the list picker item type Beta
SelectionScope Selection Scope enum.
SessionStateActionId Action Ids used by Redux and to send sync UI components. Beta
SpecialKey Enumeration for Special Keys
SyncUiEventId Event Id used to sync UI components.
WidgetState Widget state enum.
WidgetType Widget type enum.
ZoneLocation Enum for Zone Location.
ZoneState Zone State enum.

Global Functions

Name Description
ConfigurableUiReducer Handles actions to update ConfigurableUiState.
createAction Creates a basic Redux Redux Action with a payload value.
CursorPopupContent CursorPrompt content with padding Beta
getBackstageItemStateFromProps Helper method to set backstage item state from props
GroupButton Group Button React component
Icon Icon Functional component
SessionStateReducer Handles actions to update SessionState. Beta
StatusBarCenterSection StatusBar Center Section React functional component Beta
StatusBarLeftSection StatusBar Left Section React functional component Beta
StatusBarRightSection StatusBar Right Section React functional component Beta
StatusBarSpaceBetween StatusBar With Space Between Items React functional component Beta


Name Description
Action A basic Redux Action.
ActionItemButtonProps Properties that must be specified for a ActionItemButton component
ActionItemSpec Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta
ActionWithPayload A Redux Action, with additional "payload" information.
ActiveContentChangedEventArgs ActiveContentChangedEvent Args interface.
ActivityMessageEventArgs Activity Message Event arguments.
BackstageEventArgs BackstageEvent arguments.
BackstageItemProps Base properties for a Backstage item.
BackstageItemProvider BackstageItemProvider Beta
BackstageItemProviderRegisteredEventArgs BackstageItemProvider Registered Event Args interface. Beta
BackstageItemSpec Describes the data needed to insert a button into the backstage menu. Beta
BackstageItemState Properties that define the state of a Backstage items.
BackstageProps Properties for the Backstage React component.
BaseItemState Base state for any 'stateful' React component
BooleanListenerProps Properties supported by BooleanSyncUiListener component.
CommandHandler Definition for a command handler used by CommandItemProps.
CommandItemProps Definition for a Command item.
CommandLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a CommandLaunchBackstageItem component
ConditionalDisplaySpecification Interface used to define a UI item whose display may change based on the current state of the application, such as the active view, the select element(s), etc. Beta
ConditionalItemProps Definition for a Conditional item that conditionally renders other items based on UiSync events. Beta
ConfigurableUiContentProps Properties for ConfigurableUiContent
ConfigurableUiElement Interface for a ConfigurableUi element
ConfigurableUiState The portion of state managed by the ConfigurableUiReducer.
ContentControlActivatedEventArgs ControlControl Activated Event Args interface.
ContentGroupProps Properties for a ContentGroup
ContentLayoutActivatedEventArgs Content Layout Activated Event Args class.
ContentLayoutComponentProps Properties for the ContentLayout React component.
ContentLayoutProps Properties for a ContentLayoutDef
ContentProps Properties for content displayed in a content view
CursorPopupOptions Options for the CursorPopupManager open method Beta
CursorPopupProps Properties for the CursorPopup React component Beta
CursorUpdatedEventArgs Cursor Updated Event Args interface. Beta
CustomItemProps Definition for a Custom item that renders a React component. Beta
CustomItemSpec Describes the data needed to insert a custom item into the backstage menu. Beta
DeepReadonlyArray TypeScript doesn't actually allow recursive type aliases, so these are just sort of a hack to make DeepReadonly work
DescriptionProps Properties for a description in an item
DialogChangedEventArgs Dialog Stack Changed Event Args class.
DialogInfo Information maintained by a Dialog Manager about a dialog
DragDropLayerChangedEventArgs Drag/Drop Layer Changed Event Args class. Beta
DragDropLayerRendererProps Properties for the DragDropLayerRenderer component Beta
ElementTooltipChangedEventArgs ElementTooltipChangedEvent arguments.
ExpandableSectionProps Properties for the ExpandableSection component Beta
FrameworkState Interface combining all the Framework state interfaces. Beta
FrontstageActivatedEventArgs Frontstage Activated Event Args interface.
FrontstageDeactivatedEventArgs Frontstage Deactivated Event Args interface.
FrontstageLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a FrontstageLaunchBackstageItem component
FrontstageProps Properties for a Frontstage component.
FrontstageReadyEventArgs Frontstage Ready Event Args interface.
GroupButtonProps Properties for the GroupButton React component
GroupItemProps Definition for a Group item that opens a group of items.
IconProps Properties for the Icon React component
InputFieldMessageEventArgs Input Field Message Event arguments.
ItemProps Definition that specifies properties shared between many ConfigurableUi components.
ItemPropsList Definition for a list of AnyItemProps.
KeyboardShortcutMenuState State for a KeyboardShortcutMenuEvent and KeyboardShortcutMenu component
KeyboardShortcutProps Properties for a Keyboard Shortcut
LabelProps Properties for a label in an item
LayoutFragmentProps Properties for a layout fragment
LayoutHorizontalSplitProps Properties for a horizontal layout split
LayoutSplit Common interface for HorizontalSplit and VerticalSplit
LayoutSplitPropsBase Base interface for layout split properties
LayoutVerticalSplitProps Properties for a vertical layout split.
ListItem List picker item Beta
ListPickerItemProps Properties for the ListPickerItem component Beta
ListPickerProps Properties for the ListPickerBase component Beta
ListPickerPropsExtended Properties for the ListPicker component Beta
MessageAddedEventArgs MessageAddedEvent arguments.
MessageCenterFieldProps Properties of MessageCenterField component.
ModalFrontstageChangedEventArgs Modal Frontstage Changed Event Args interface.
ModalFrontstageInfo Modal Frontstage information interface.
ModalFrontstageProps Properties for the ModalFrontstage React component
ModelessDialogProps Properties for the ModelessDialog component
MouseDownChangedEventArgs MouseDownChangedEvent Args interface.
NavigationAidActivatedEventArgs NavigationAid Activated Event Args interface.
NavigationWidgetProps Properties for a Navigation Widget.
NavigationWidgetPropsEx Properties for the NavigationWidget React component.
NineZoneChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for nine zone changes
PointerMessageChangedEventArgs PointerMessageChangedEvent arguments.
PointerMessageProps Properties of PointerMessage component.
PopupButtonChildrenRenderPropArgs Arguments of PopupButtonChildrenRenderProp.
PopupButtonProps Properties for the PopupButton React component
PresentationSelectionScope PresentationSelectionScope holds the id and the localized label for a selection scope supported for a specific iModel. Beta
SavedViewLayoutProps SavedViewLayoutProps interface for sharing view layout information. Beta
SavedViewProps SavedViewProps interface for sharing ViewState and EmphasizeElements information. Beta
SessionState The portion of state managed by the SessionStateReducer. Beta
SignInProps Properties for the SignIn component
StageLauncher Describes the data needed to insert an action button into the backstage menu. Beta
StagePanelChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for stage panel changes
StandardMessageBoxProps Properties for StandardMessageBox React component
StatusBarProps Properties for the StatusBar React component
StatusBarWidgetControlArgs Status Bar Widget Control render prop arguments.
StatusFieldProps Properties for a StatusBar field component
SupportsViewSelectorChange Interface to be implemented when the ContentControl supports ViewSelector changes
SyncToolSettingsPropertiesEventArgs Sync Tool Settings Properties Event Args interface.
SyncUiEventArgs SyncUi Event arguments.
SyncUiProps Definition that allows component to register to monitor SyncUi events.
TargetChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for ZoneDropTarget changes
TaskActivatedEventArgs Task Activated Event Args class.
TaskLaunchBackstageItemProps Properties for a TaskLaunchBackstageItem component
TaskProps Properties for a Task
TaskPropsList List of Task Properties
ToolActivatedEventArgs Tool Activated Event Args interface.
ToolAssistanceFieldProps Properties of ToolAssistanceField component. Beta
ToolbarWidgetProps Properties for a Toolbar Widget.
ToolButtonProps Properties for the ToolButton React Component.
ToolIconChangedEventArgs Tool Icon Changed Event Args interface.
ToolItemProps Definition for a Tool item with a tool id.
TooltipProps Properties for a tooltip in an item
ToolWidgetProps Properties for a Tool Widget.
ToolWidgetPropsEx Properties for the ToolWidget React component.
UiVisibilityEventArgs UiVisibility Event Args interface. Beta
UserProfileBackstageItemProps Properties for the Backstage React component.
ViewLayout ViewLayout interface for sharing view layout information. Beta
ViewSelectorChangedEventArgs ViewSelectorChangedEvent Args interface. Beta
ViewSelectorProps Properties for the ViewSelector component Beta
VisibilityTreeProps Props for VisibilityTree component
WidgetChangeHandler Interface defining callbacks for widget changes
WidgetProps Properties for a Widget.
WidgetStateChangedEventArgs Widget State Changed Event Args interface.
WorkflowActivatedEventArgs Workflow Activated Event Args class.
WorkflowProps Properties for a Workflow.
WorkflowPropsList Workflow Properties List definition.
ZoneDefProvider Interface defining a provider for Zone definitions
ZoneProps Properties of a Zone component

Type Aliases

Name Description
ActionCreatorsObject Just an object where every property is a Redux Action Creator.
ActionsUnion A TypeScript type alias that represents the Union Type of all actions
ActionTypes A TypeScript type alias that uses conditional types (read: magic)
AnyItemDef Union of all Item definitions that can be specified in a GroupItem
AnyItemProps Union of all Item properties. Beta
AnyWidgetProps Union of all Widget properties.
CombinedReducerState A type alias which represents the state created by the reducer returned by combineReducers for a given reducers argument.
CombineReducersFunction So we don't actually need to implement our own version of combineReducers, but we are going to cast it
ConfigurableUiActionsUnion Union of ConfigurableUi Redux actions
ConfigurableUiControlConstructor Prototype for ConfigurableUiControl constructor
ContentCallback Callback to process content properties during toJSON method Beta
DeepReadonly Similar to the built-in Readonly, type alias but applied recursively.
DeepReadonlyObject TypeScript doesn't actually allow recursive type aliases, so these are just sort of a hack to make DeepReadonly work
FunctionType Shorthand for "any function".
IconSpec Prototype for an IconSpec which can be a string or a ReactNode.
PopupButtonChildrenRenderProp Type of PopupButtonProps.children when used as render prop.
Reducer A Redux Reducer.
ReducerActions A TypeScript type alias that represents a union of all action types handled by a Redux Reducer.
ReducerMapActions A type alias which represents the union type of all actions handled by the reducer returned by combineReducers for a given reducers argument.
SessionStateActionsUnion Union of SessionState Redux actions Beta
StateType A TypeScript type alias that represents the return type of a Redux Reducer.
StatusBarFieldId Status Bar Field type.
StringGetter Prototype for string getter function.
ViewSelectorDefaultProps Default properties of ViewSelector component. Beta

Last Updated: 20 September, 2019