PopupProps Interface


Properties for the Popup component



Name Type Description
ariaLabel undefined | string accessibility label  
focusTarget RefObject<HTMLElement> | string Element to receive focus, specified by React.RefObject or CSS selector string.  
isOpen boolean indicate if the popup is shown or not  
left number Left position (absolute positioning)  
moveFocus undefined | false | true set focus to popup - default to not set focus  
offset number    
onClose undefined | () => void Function called when the popup is closed  
onOpen undefined | () => void Function called when the popup is opened  
onOutsideClick undefined | (e: MouseEvent) => void Function called when user clicks outside the popup  
position Position Direction (relative to the target) to which the popup is expanded  
role "dialog" = undefined | "alert" = undefined | "alertdialog" = undefined role - if not specified "dialog" is used  
showArrow boolean show or hide the arrow  
showShadow boolean show or hide the box shadow  
target HTMLElement | null target element to position popup  
top number Top position (absolute positioning)  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
className undefined | string ClassNameProps Custom CSS class name
style undefined | React.CSSProperties CommonProps Custom CSS style properties

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019