TreeNodeProps Interface

Properties for TreeNode React component



Name Type Description
cellEditing undefined | CellEditingEngine    
checkboxProps undefined | NodeCheckboxProps    
highlightProps undefined | HighlightableTreeNodeProps    
imageLoader undefined | ITreeImageLoader If specified, icon from node will be loaded by provided ImageLoader  
node BeInspireTreeNode<TreeNodeItem>    
onClick undefined | (e: MouseEvent) => void    
onFinalRenderComplete undefined | (renderId: string) => void Called when all of the component tasks are done.  
onMouseDown undefined | (e: MouseEvent) => void    
onMouseMove undefined | (e: MouseEvent) => void    
onMouseUp undefined | (e: MouseEvent) => void    
renderId undefined | string Id specified by the parent component to identify all
nodes rendered at one request
renderOverrides undefined | object    
showDescription undefined | false | true    
valueRendererManager PropertyValueRendererManager    

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
className undefined | string ClassNameProps Custom CSS class name
style undefined | React.CSSProperties CommonProps Custom CSS style properties

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019