Classes for working with a Tree.


Name Description  
BeInspireTree Bentley wrapper for 'inspire-tree'  
CellEditingEngine Tree Cell editing information Beta
EventsMuteContext A context which keeps BeInspireTree events muted until  
HighlightingEngine Tree highlighting engine Beta
SimpleTreeDataProvider A tree data provider using SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy.  
Tree A Tree React component that uses the core of BeInspireTree  
TreeImageLoader Default image loader for the tree  
TreeNode Default component for rendering a node for the Tree  


Name Description  
BeInspireTreeEvent Enum containing all events that may be emitted by BeInspireTree  

Global Functions

Name Description  
hasChildren Determines whether node has children  
isTreeDataProviderInterface Checks if TreeDataProvider is an ITreeDataProvider  
isTreeDataProviderMethod Checks if TreeDataProvider is a TreeDataProviderMethod  
isTreeDataProviderPromise Checks if TreeDataProvider is a TreeDataProviderPromise  
isTreeDataProviderRaw Checks if TreeDataProvider is a TreeDataProviderRaw  
TreeNodeIcon React component that renders tree node icons  
withTreeDragDrop A HOC component that adds drag and drop functionality to the supplied Beta


Name Description  
ActiveMatchInfo Active match info for highlightable ActiveMatchInfo.Tree Beta
BeInspireTreeDataProviderInterface Signature for BeInspireTree data provider  
BeInspireTreeNode Type definition for all BeInspireTree nodes  
BeInspireTreeNodeConfig Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig  
BeInspireTreeNodeITree Be alias for Inspire.NodeConfig.ITree  
BeInspireTreeNodePayloadConfig Data structure for BeInspireTreeNodeConfig with our injected props  
BeInspireTreeNodes Definition of a list of BeInspireTreeNode with some additional filtering methods  
BeInspireTreeProps Configuration properties for BeInspireTree  
DelayLoadedTreeNodeItem A TreeNodeItem for delay-loaded trees  
EditableTreeDataProvider EditableTreeDataProvider provides cell editing processing for the Tree.  
EditableTreeProps Properties for a EditableTreeProps.Tree that has cell editing enabled Beta
HighlightableTreeNodeProps Properties for a highlightable TreeNode Beta
HighlightableTreeProps Properties for the HighlightingEngine Beta
ImmediatelyLoadedTreeNodeItem A TreeNodeItem for immediately loaded trees  
ITreeDataProvider Interface for a tree data provider class  
ITreeImageLoader Interface for a tree image loader  
MutableTreeDataProvider MutableTreeDataProvider provides manipulation processing for the Tree. Beta
NodeCheckboxProps Properties for Checkbox in TreeNode  
TreeCellUpdatedArgs Arguments for the Tree Cell Updated event callback Beta
TreeDragDropProps Props that are injected to the HOC component. Beta
TreeNodeIconProps Properties for TreeNodeIcon React component  
TreeNodeItem A node item which can be displayed in a tree.  
TreeNodeProps Properties for TreeNode React component  
TreeProps Properties for the TreeProps.Tree component  

Type Aliases

Name Description  
BeInspireTreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderMethod Signature for BeInspireTree data provider  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for DataProviderRaw  
BeInspireTreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements  
BeInspireTreeRenderer Type definition for a BeInspireTree renderer  
GetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to get the currently edited tree node Beta
MapPayloadToInspireNodeCallback Prototype for BeInspireTreeProps.mapPayloadToInspireNodeConfig  
SetCurrentlyEditedNode Prototype for function to set the currently edited tree node Beta
SimpleTreeDataProviderHierarchy Used by SimpleTreeDataProvider.  
TreeDataChangesListener An interface tree data change listeners.  
TreeDataProvider Type definition for all BeInspireTree data providers  
TreeDataProviderMethod Signature for a method that returns TreeDataProviderPromise for supplied parent node  
TreeDataProviderPromise A Promise for TreeDataProviderRaw  
TreeDataProviderRaw Array of tree node data elements  
TreeDragDropType Type for drag and drop, Beta

Last Updated: 01 November, 2019