TableDropTargetProps<DragDropObject> Interface


Properties for the Table's DropTarget.



Name Type Description
canDropOn undefined | false | true Used for table components that allow dropping on top of node(as opposed to above or below).  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
canDropTargetDrop undefined | (args: DropTargetArguments<DragDropObject>) => boolean DropTargetProps<DragDropObject> Determines whether item may be dropped on DropTarget.
objectTypes Array<string | symbol> | () => Array<string | symbol> DropTargetProps<DragDropObject> List of allowed object types
onDropTargetDrop undefined | (args: DropTargetArguments<DragDropObject>) => DropTargetArguments<DragDropObject> DropTargetProps<DragDropObject> Triggered when item is dropped on wrapped component.
onDropTargetOver undefined | (args: DropTargetArguments<DragDropObject>) => void DropTargetProps<DragDropObject> Triggered when item is dragged over wrapped component.

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020