DragDropArguments<DragDropObject> Interface


Base DragDropArguments interface, used by both DragSourceArguments and DragTargetArguments.


Name Type Description
clientOffset object Current mouse position.  
col undefined | number specifies the col to be dropped onto.  
dataObject DragDropObject Arbitrary data being transferred.  
dragRect undefined | ClientRect ClientRect object of dragSource.  
dropEffect DropEffects Drop Effect of current drag  
dropRect undefined | ClientRect ClientRect object of current dropTarget, if available.  
dropStatus DropStatus Status of current drop  
initialClientOffset object Mouse position at beginning of drag.  
initialSourceClientOffset undefined | object Position of top left corner of current dragSource, measured at beginning of drag.  
local undefined | false | true determines whether item is dropped on same structure as the drag source, or a different structure.  
row undefined | number specifies the row to be dropped onto.  
sourceClientOffset undefined | object Current mouse position, offset by the difference between initial mouse position and initial dragSource offset.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019