ShowHideMenuProps<T extends ShowHideID> Interface

Properties for the ShowHideMenu component



Name Type Description
initialHidden undefined | T extends ShowHideID[] Hidden list to start with  
items Array<ShowHideItem<T extends ShowHideID>> key-label pair list for id's to be shown/hidden, and an accompanying label.  
onClose undefined | () => void Called when close button is clicked  
onShowHideChange undefined | (cols: T extends ShowHideID[]) => boolean | undefined Called when item is shown/hidden  
opened boolean Whether dialog is opened or closed  
x number X position to place menu  
y number Y position to place menu  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
autoflip undefined | false | true ContextMenuProps Whether menu flips directions based on screen edge.
className undefined | string ClassNameProps Custom CSS class name
contextMenuComponent undefined | React.ComponentType<ContextMenuProps> GlobalContextMenuProps Context menu element.
direction undefined | ContextMenuDirection ContextMenuProps Which direction the menu opens.
edgeLimit undefined | false | true ContextMenuProps Whether menu hugs screen edge when autoflip is off.
floating undefined | false | true ContextMenuProps whether menu floats on the viewport, or the page.
hotkeySelect undefined | false | true ContextMenuProps Whether Hotkey press selects item, or just highlights item.
identifier undefined | string GlobalContextMenuProps Unique identifier, to distinguish from other GlobalContextMenu components.
onEsc undefined | (data: any) => any ContextMenuProps when Escape button is pressed
onOutsideClick undefined | (event: MouseEvent) => any ContextMenuProps When click is registered outside of ContextMenu.
onSelect undefined | (event: any) => any ContextMenuProps When list item or submenu is selected
selectedIndex undefined | number ContextMenuProps starting menu item selected index Default: -1
style undefined | React.CSSProperties CommonProps Custom CSS style properties

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019