ContentDataProvider Class

Base class for all presentation-driven content providers.

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Name Description
constructor(imodel: IModelConnection, ruleset: string | Ruleset, displayType: string): ContentDataProvider Constructor.  
configureContentDescriptor(descriptor: Readonly<Descriptor>): Descriptor Protected Called to configure the content descriptor.  
dispose(): void Destructor.  
getContent(pageOptions?: PageOptions): Promise<Content | undefined> Get the content.  
getContentSetSize(): Promise<number> Get the number of content records.  
getDescriptorOverrides(): DescriptorOverrides Protected Get the content descriptor overrides.  
invalidateCache(props: CacheInvalidationProps): void Protected Invalidates cached content.  
isFieldHidden(_field: Field): boolean Protected Called to check whether the field should be hidden.  
shouldConfigureContentDescriptor(): boolean Protected Called to check whether the content descriptor needs advanced configuration.  
shouldExcludeFromDescriptor(field: Field): boolean Protected Called to check whether the field should be excluded from the descriptor.  
shouldRequestContentForEmptyKeyset(): boolean Protected Called to check if content should be requested even when keys is empty.  


Name Type Description
displayType Accessor ReadOnly string Display type used to format content  
getContentDescriptor undefined Get the content descriptor.  
imodel Accessor IModelConnection IModel to pull data from  
keys Accessor KeySet Keys defining what to request content for  
pagingSize Accessor number | undefined Paging options for obtaining content.  
rulesetId Accessor string Id of the ruleset to use when requesting content  
selectionInfo Accessor SelectionInfo Information about selection event that results in content change  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019