RelatedPropertiesSpecification Interface

Sub-specification to include additional related instance properties


Name Type Description
autoExpand undefined | boolean Should field containing related properties be automatically expanded.  
isPolymorphic undefined | boolean Should RelatedPropertiesSpecification.relationships and RelatedPropertiesSpecification.relatedClasses be handled polymorphically.  
nestedRelatedProperties undefined | RelatedPropertiesSpecification[] Specifications for nested related properties  
properties Array<string | PropertySpecification> | RelatedPropertiesSpecialValues A list of property names or specifications that should be included in the content. Beta
propertyNames string[] | RelatedPropertiesSpecialValues List of names of related class properties that should be included in the content. Deprecated
relatedClasses MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] Specifications of related ECClasses.  
relationshipMeaning undefined | RelationshipMeaning Meaning of the relationship.  
relationships MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] Specifications of ECRelationshipClasses.  
requiredDirection undefined | RelationshipDirection Direction that will be followed in the relationship select criteria.  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020