RelatedInstanceNodesSpecification Interface

Creates nodes for related instances of specified ECClasses.

Precondition: can be used only if parent node is ECInstance node. If there is no immediate parent instance node it will go up until it finds one.



Name Type Description
instanceFilter undefined | string Condition for filtering instances of defined classes.  
relatedClasses MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] Related classes whose instances should be returned as content.  
relationships MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] Relationships that should be followed when gathering content.  
requiredDirection undefined | RelationshipDirection Direction that will be followed in the relationship select criteria.  
skipRelatedLevel undefined | number Skips defined level of related items and shows next level related items.  
specType RelatedInstanceNodes Used for serializing to JSON.  
supportedSchemas undefined | string[] Names of ECSchemas used to look up relationships and classes when RelatedInstanceNodesSpecification.relationships
or RelatedInstanceNodesSpecification.relatedClasses are not specified.

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
doNotSort undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Set this flag to true to suppress default sorting of ECInstances returned by this specification.
groupByClass undefined | boolean DefaultGroupingPropertiesContainer Group instances by ECClass.
groupByLabel undefined | boolean DefaultGroupingPropertiesContainer Group instances by label.
hasChildren "Always" = undefined | "Never" = undefined | "Unknown" = undefined ChildNodeSpecificationBase This tells the rules engine that nodes produced using this
specification always or never have children.
hideExpression undefined | string ChildNodeSpecificationBase An ECExpression which
indicates whether a node should be hidden or not.
hideIfNoChildren undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Hide nodes if they don't have children.
hideNodesInHierarchy undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Hide nodes provided by this specification and directly show nodes of its children.
nestedRules undefined | ChildNodeRule[] ChildNodeSpecificationBase Nested rule specifications.
priority undefined | number ChildNodeSpecificationBase Defines the order in which specifications are evaluated and executed.
relatedInstances undefined | RelatedInstanceSpecification[] ChildNodeSpecificationBase Specifications of related instances that can be used in content creation.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019