PropertyGroup Interface

Allows grouping by property of the instance by a common value or by range of values.



Name Type Description
createGroupForSingleItem undefined | boolean Should the grouping node be created if there is only one item in that group  
createGroupForUnspecifiedValues undefined | boolean Should a separate grouping node be created for nodes whose grouping value is not set.  
groupingValue undefined | PropertyGroupingValue Should the instances be grouped on display label or the grouping property value.  
imageId undefined | string ID of an image to use for the grouping node  
propertyName string Name of the ECProperty which is used for grouping.  
ranges undefined | PropertyRangeGroupSpecification[] Ranges into which the grouping values are divided  
sortingValue undefined | PropertyGroupingValue Should the nodes be sorted by display label or the grouping property value.  
specType Property Used for serializing to JSON.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019