InstanceNodesOfSpecificClassesSpecification Interface

Creates nodes for all instances of specified ECClasses.



Name Type Description
arePolymorphic undefined | boolean Should all InstanceNodesOfSpecificClassesSpecification.classes be handled polymorphically.  
classes MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] Specifications of ECClasses whose instances should be returned.  
instanceFilter undefined | string Condition for filtering instances of defined classes.  
specType InstanceNodesOfSpecificClasses Used for serializing to JSON.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
doNotSort undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Set this flag to true to suppress default sorting of ECInstances returned by this specification.
groupByClass undefined | boolean DefaultGroupingPropertiesContainer Group instances by ECClass.
groupByLabel undefined | boolean DefaultGroupingPropertiesContainer Group instances by label.
hasChildren "Always" = undefined | "Never" = undefined | "Unknown" = undefined ChildNodeSpecificationBase This tells the rules engine that nodes produced using this
specification always or never have children.
hideExpression undefined | string ChildNodeSpecificationBase An ECExpression which
indicates whether a node should be hidden or not.
hideIfNoChildren undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Hide nodes if they don't have children.
hideNodesInHierarchy undefined | boolean ChildNodeSpecificationBase Hide nodes provided by this specification and directly show nodes of its children.
nestedRules undefined | ChildNodeRule[] ChildNodeSpecificationBase Nested rule specifications.
priority undefined | number ChildNodeSpecificationBase Defines the order in which specifications are evaluated and executed.
relatedInstances undefined | RelatedInstanceSpecification[] ChildNodeSpecificationBase Specifications of related instances that can be used in content creation.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019