CustomizationRule Type alias

Customization rules allow customizing each node or content item separately. Most of the rules have a condition property which uses ECExpressions for conditional rule filtering.

Nested customization rules:

Customization rules may be specified at ruleset level, in which case they're applied to all content produced by the ruleset, or nested under navigation rules, in which case they're applied only for nodes created by those rules.

Customization rule priorities:

Customization rules have a priority attribute which defines the order in which they're applied. If priorities match, rules engine looks at the nesting level - the deeper the rule is nested, the higher is its priority. If the nesting levels also match, the rule defined first wins.

CustomizationRule = InstanceLabelOverride | CheckBoxRule | GroupingRule | ImageIdOverride | LabelOverride | SortingRule | StyleOverride | ExtendedDataRule | NodeArtifactsRule

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019