ContentInstancesOfSpecificClassesSpecification Interface

Creates content for ECInstance(s) of specified classes.

Note: this specification doesn't rely on selection. It always returns instances no matter what the selection is, so pre-filtering should be done in ContentRule condition and ContentInstancesOfSpecificClassesSpecification.instanceFilter.



Name Type Description
arePolymorphic undefined | boolean Should all ContentInstancesOfSpecificClassesSpecification.classes be treated polymorphically.  
classes MultiSchemaClassesSpecification | MultiSchemaClassesSpecification[] List of ECClass specifications whose ECInstances should be selected.  
instanceFilter undefined | string Condition for filtering instances of defined classes.  
specType ContentInstancesOfSpecificClasses Used for serializing to JSON.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
calculatedProperties undefined | CalculatedPropertiesSpecification[] ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for including calculated properties
priority undefined | number ContentSpecificationBase Defines the order in which specifications are evaluated and executed.
propertiesDisplay undefined | PropertiesDisplaySpecification[] ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for customizing property display by hiding / showing them
propertyEditors undefined | PropertyEditorsSpecification[] ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for assigning property editors
relatedInstances undefined | RelatedInstanceSpecification[] ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for joining related instances
relatedProperties undefined | RelatedPropertiesSpecification[] ContentSpecificationBase Specifications for including properties of related instances
showImages undefined | boolean ContentSpecificationBase Should each content record be assigned an image id

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019