CheckBoxRule Interface

Rule that allows configuring check boxes for certain nodes.

Is also allows binding check box state with boolean properties by setting CheckBoxRule.propertyName parameter. If CheckBoxRule.propertyName is not set, then CheckBoxRule.defaultValue is used for default check box state.



Name Type Description
condition undefined | string Defines a condition for the rule, which needs to be met in order to execute it.  
defaultValue undefined | boolean Default value to use for the check box state

Note: Only makes sense when not bound to an ECProperty.
isEnabled string | boolean Indicates whether check box is enabled or disabled.  
propertyName undefined | string Name of boolean type ECProperty which is bound with the check box state.  
ruleType CheckBox Used for serializing to JSON.  
useInversedPropertyValue undefined | boolean Should property value be inversed for the check box state.  

Inherited properties

Name Type Inherited from Description
onlyIfNotHandled undefined | boolean RuleBase Should this rule should be ignored if there is already an existing
rule with a higher priority.
priority undefined | number RuleBase Defines the order in which presentation rules will be evaluated and executed.

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019