Item Class

A data structure that represents a single content record.


Name Description
constructor(primaryKeys: InstanceKey[], label: string, imageId: string, classInfo: ClassInfo | undefined, values: ValuesDictionary<Value>, displayValues: ValuesDictionary<DisplayValue>, mergedFieldNames: string[], extendedData?: [key: string]: any): Item Creates an instance of Item.  
isFieldMerged(fieldName: string): boolean Is value of field with the specified name merged in this record.  


Name Type Description
classInfo undefined | ClassInfo For cases when item consists only of same class instances, information about the ECClass  
displayValues ValuesDictionary<DisplayValue> Display values dictionary  
extendedData undefined | [key: string]: any Extended data injected into this content item  
imageId string ID of the image associated with this item  
label string Display label of the item  
mergedFieldNames string[] List of field names whose values are merged (see Merging values)  
primaryKeys InstanceKey[] Keys of instances whose data is contained in this item  
values ValuesDictionary<Value> Raw values dictionary  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019