Field Class

Describes a single content field. A field is usually represented as a grid column or a property pane row.

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Name Description
constructor(category: CategoryDescription, name: string, label: string, type: TypeDescription, isReadonly: boolean, priority: number, editor?: EditorDescription): Field Creates an instance of Field.  
isNestedContentField(): boolean Is this a NestedContentField  
isPropertiesField(): boolean Is this a PropertiesField  


Name Type Description
category CategoryDescription Category information  
editor undefined | EditorDescription Property editor used to edit values of this field  
isReadonly boolean Are values in this field read-only  
label string Display label  
name string Unique name  
parent Accessor ReadOnly NestedContentField | undefined Get parent  
priority number Priority of the field.  
type TypeDescription Description of this field's values data type  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019