Descriptor Class

Data structure that describes content: fields, sorting, filtering, format, etc. Descriptor may be changed to control how content is created.



Name Description
constructor(source: DescriptorSource): Descriptor Construct a new Descriptor using a DescriptorSource  
getFieldByName(name: string, recurse?: boolean): Field | undefined Get field by its name  


Name Type Description
connectionId string Id of the connection used to create the descriptor  
contentFlags number ContentFlags used to create the descriptor  
contentOptions any Extended options used to create the descriptor  
displayType string Display type used to create the descriptor  
fields Field[] A list of fields contained in the descriptor  
filterExpression undefined | string Content filtering ECExpression  
inputKeysHash string Hash of the input keys used to create the descriptor  
selectClasses SelectClassInfo[] A list of classes that will be selected from when creating content with this descriptor  
selectionInfo undefined | SelectionInfo Selection info used to create the descriptor  
sortDirection undefined | SortDirection Sorting direction  
sortingField undefined | Field Field used to sort the content  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019