RulesetVariablesManager Interface

Presentation ruleset variables registry.

Implemented by

  • RulesetVariablesManagerImpl


Name Description
getBool(variableId: string): boolean Retrieves boolean variable value.  
getId64(variableId: string): Id64String Retrieves Id64String variable value.  
getId64s(variableId: string): Id64String[] Retrieves Id64String[] variable value.  
getInt(variableId: string): number Retrieves number variable value.  
getInts(variableId: string): number[] Retrieves number[] variable value.  
getString(variableId: string): string Retrieves string variable value.  
getValue(variableId: string, type: VariableValueTypes): VariableValue Gets a value of the specified type and ID  
setBool(variableId: string, value: boolean): void Sets boolean variable value  
setId64(variableId: string, value: Id64String): void Sets Id64String variable value  
setId64s(variableId: string, value: Id64String[]): void Sets Id64String[] variable value  
setInt(variableId: string, value: number): void Sets number variable value  
setInts(variableId: string, value: number[]): void Sets number[] variable value  
setString(variableId: string, value: string): void Sets string variable value  
setValue(variableId: string, type: VariableValueTypes, value: VariableValue): void Sets a value of the specified type  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019