ModifyHandle Class


Classes added to HTMLElements so they can be customized in CSS by applications. A "modify handle" is a visible position on the screen that provides UI to modify a MarkupElement.


Name Description
constructor(handles: Handles): ModifyHandle    
addTouchPadding(visible: MarkupElement, handles: Handles): MarkupElement    
modify(ev: BeButtonEvent): void Abstract perform the modification given a current mouse position.  
onClick(_ev: BeButtonEvent): void    
setMouseHandler(target: MarkupElement): void    
setPosition(): void Abstract set the position for this handle on the screen given the current state of the element  
startDrag(_ev: BeButtonEvent, makeCopy: boolean = false): void the mouse just went down on this handle, begin modification.  
startModify(makeCopy: boolean): void    


Name Type Description
handles ConstructorProperty Handles    
vbToStartTrn Transform    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019