Handles Class


The set of ModifyHandles active. Only applies if there is a single element selected.


Name Description
constructor(ss: MarkupSelected, el: MarkupElement): Handles    
cancelDrag(): void called when the reset button is pressed.  
drag(ev: BeButtonEvent): void    
draw(): void    
endDrag(undo: UndoManager): EventHandled complete the modification for the active handle.  
npcToBox(p: XAndY): Point2d    
npcToVb(p: XAndY, result?: Point2d): Point2d    
npcToVbArray(pts: Point2d[]): Point2d[]    
remove(): void    
startDrag(ev: BeButtonEvent): EventHandled    
vbToBox(p: XAndY, result?: Point2d): Point2d    


Name Type Description
active undefined | ModifyHandle    
dragging boolean    
el ConstructorProperty MarkupElement    
group G    
handles ModifyHandle[]    
npcToVbTrn Transform    
ss ConstructorProperty MarkupSelected    
vbToBoxTrn Transform    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019