MarkupApp Class


The main object for the Markup package. It is a singleton that stores the state of the Markup application. It has only static members and methods. Applications may customize and control the behavior of the Markup by setting members of MarkupApp.props. When MarkupApp.start is first called, it registers a set of "" tools that may be invoked from UI controls.


Name Description
convertVpToVb(pt: XAndY): Point3d Static    
createMarkup(view: ScreenViewport, markupData?: MarkupSvgData): Markup ProtectedStatic    
getActionName(action: string): any Static    
getVpToScreenMtx(): Matrix Static    
getVpToVbMtx(): Matrix Static    
initialize(): Promise<void> Static Call this method to initialize the Markup system.  
lockViewportSize(view: ScreenViewport, markupData?: MarkupSvgData): void ProtectedStatic    
start(view: ScreenViewport, markupData?: MarkupSvgData): Promise<void> Static Start a markup session  
stop(): Promise<MarkupData> Static Read the result of a Markup session.  


Name Type Description
isActive Accessor StaticReadOnly boolean determine whether there's a markup session currently active  
markup Static undefined | Markup the current Markup being created  
markupSelectToolId Static string    
namespace Static I18NNamespace The namespace for the Markup tools  
screenToVbMtx Static Matrix    

Object Literals

Name Description
props Static By setting members of this object, applications can control the appearance and behavior of various parts of MarkupApp.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019