Change Log - imodeljs-markup


Mon Jul 01 2019


  • (imodeljs-markup merge)
  • fix for broken build from svg.js
  • Clear flashed element (if it's selected) before deleting or adding to group.
  • lock to version 3.0.13 of svg.js package
  • Support drag box selection for markup. Support multiselect of markup using touch input.
  • Use left/right direction for inside/overlap selection to match element select tool and to support touch move.
  • Update to TypeScript 3.5


Mon Jun 03 2019


  • point/vector coverage.
  • make MarkupApp.initialize public
  • added tests
  • Improve touch interaction with markup handles.


Mon May 13 2019

Breaking changes

  • publish markup package


  • Add semver of imodeljs-markup to module/version map
  • Fix .npmignore
  • Preserve relative z order when grouping markup. Change default arrow direction.
  • documentation cleanup
  • allow editing of existing markups
  • allow editing of boxed text
  • Added markup distance measure tool. Fixed groupAll.
  • Add beta release tags for markup package.
  • Don't use ctrl+f for bring to front shortcut
  • Can now sub-class Markup SelectTool, test code to start redline tools from key event moved to display-test-app. Added place markup symbol tool.
  • Upgrade TypeDoc dependency to 0.14.2

Last Updated: 09 July, 2019