lookAtUsingLensAngle Method

Position the camera for this view and point it at a new target point, using a specified lens angle.

lookAtUsingLensAngle(eyePoint: Point3d, targetPoint: Point3d, upVector: Vector3d, fov: Angle, frontDistance?: number, backDistance?: number): ViewStatus

note The aspect ratio of the view remains unchanged.

Parameter Type Description
eyePoint Point3d The new location of the camera.
targetPoint Point3d The new location to which the camera should point. This becomes the center of the view on the focus plane.
upVector Vector3d A vector that orients the camera's "up" (view y). This vector must not be parallel to the vector from eye to target.
fov Angle The angle, in radians, that defines the field-of-view for the camera. Must be between .0001 and pi.
frontDistance number The distance from the eyePoint to the front plane. If undefined, the existing front distance is used.
backDistance number The distance from the eyePoint to the back plane. If undefined, the existing back distance is used.

Returns - ViewStatus indicating whether the camera was successfully positioned.

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Last Updated: 13 October, 2019