getPixelSizeAtPoint Method

Get the width of a pixel (a unit vector in the x direction in view coordinates) at a given point in world coordinates, returning the result in meters (world units).

This is most useful to determine how large something is in a view. In particular, in a perspective view the result of this method will be a larger number for points closer to the back of the view Frustum (that is, one pixel of the view represents more spatial area at the back of the Frustum than the front.)

getPixelSizeAtPoint(point?: Primitives.Point3d): number

Parameter Type Description
point Primitives.Point3d The point to test, in World coordinates. If undefined, the center of the view in NPC space is used.

Returns - The width of a view pixel at the supplied world point, in meters.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019