getFrustum Method

Get an 8-point Frustum corresponding to the 8 corners of the Viewport in the specified coordinate system.

There are two sets of corners that may be of interest. The "adjusted" box is the one that is computed by examining the "viewed extents" and moving the front and back planes to enclose everything in the view. The "unadjusted" box is the one that is stored in the ViewState.

getFrustum(sys: CoordSystem = CoordSystem.World, adjustedBox: boolean = true, box?: Frustum): Frustum

note The "adjusted" box may be either larger or smaller than the "unadjusted" box.

Parameter Type Description
sys CoordSystem Coordinate system for points
adjustedBox boolean If true, retrieve the adjusted box. Otherwise retrieve the box that came from the view definition.
box Frustum optional Frustum for return value

Returns - the view frustum

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019