changeCategoryDisplay Method

Enable or disable display of elements belonging to a set of categories specified by Id. Visibility of individual subcategories belonging to a category can be controlled separately through the use of SubCategoryOverrides. By default, enabling display of a category does not affect display of subcategories thereof which have been overridden to be invisible.

changeCategoryDisplay(categories: Id64Arg, display: boolean, enableAllSubCategories: boolean = false): void

Parameter Type Description
categories Id64Arg The Id(s) of the categories to which the change should be applied. No other categories will be affected.
display boolean Whether or not elements on the specified categories should be displayed in the viewport.
enableAllSubCategories boolean Specifies that when enabling display for a category, all of its subcategories should also be displayed even if they are overridden to be invisible.

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020