PerModelCategoryVisibility.Overrides Interface


Describes a set of per-model category visibility overrides. Changes to these overrides invoke the Viewport.onViewedCategoriesPerModelChanged event.

see Viewport.perModelCategoryVisibility.


Name Description
clearOverrides(modelIds?: Id64Arg): void Removes all overrides for the specified models, or for all models if modelIds is undefined.  
getOverride(modelId: Id64String, categoryId: Id64String): PerModelCategoryVisibility.Override Returns the override state of the specified category within the specified model.  
setOverride(modelIds: Id64Arg, categoryIds: Id64Arg, override: PerModelCategoryVisibility.Override): void Changes the override state of one or more categories for one or more models.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019