PerModelCategoryVisibility Namespace


Allows the visibility of categories within a Viewport to be controlled on a per-ModelState basis. If a category's visibility is overridden for a given model, then elements belonging to that category within that model will be displayed or hidden regardless of the category's inclusion in the Viewport's CategorySelectorState. The override affects geometry on all subcategories belonging to the overridden category. That is, if the category is overridden to be visible, then geometry on all subcategories of the category will be visible, regardless of any SubCategoryOverrides applied by the view's DisplayStyleState.


Name Description
PerModelCategoryVisibility.Override Describes whether and how a category's visibility is overridden.


Name Description
PerModelCategoryVisibility.Overrides Describes a set of per-model category visibility overrides.

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019