MarkerSet<T extends Marker> Class

A set of Markers that are logically related, such that they cluster when they overlap one another in screen space. In that case, a cluster marker is drawn instead of the overlapping Markers.


Name Description
addDecoration(context: DecorateContext): void This method should be called from Decorator.decorate.  
getClusterMarker(cluster: Cluster<T extends Marker>): Marker ProtectedAbstract Implement this method to create a new Marker that is shown as a stand-in for a Cluster of Markers that overlap one another.  
getMinScaleViewW(vp: Viewport): number Get weight value limit establishing the distance from camera for the back of view scale factor.  


Name Type Description
markers Set<T> The set of Markers in this MarkerSet.  
minimumClusterSize number The minimum number of Markers that must overlap before they are clustered.  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019