GraphicBranch Class

A node in a scene graph. The branch itself is not renderable. Instead it contains a list of RenderGraphics, and a transform, symbology overrides, and clip volume which are to be applied when rendering them. Branches can be nested to build an arbitrarily-complex scene graph.

see RenderSystem.createBranch



Name Description
constructor(ownsEntries: boolean = false): GraphicBranch Constructor  
add(graphic: RenderGraphic): void Add a graphic to this branch.  
clear(): void Empties the list of RenderGraphics contained in this branch, and if the GraphicBranch.ownsEntries flag is set, also disposes of them.  
dispose(): void    


Name Type Description
entries RenderGraphic[] The child nodes of this branch  
isEmpty Accessor ReadOnly boolean    
ownsEntries boolean If true, when the branch is disposed of, the RenderGraphics in its entries array will also be disposed  
symbologyOverrides undefined | FeatureSymbology.Overrides Optional symbology overrides to be applied to all graphics in this branch  

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019