Plugin Class


Base Plugin class for writing a demand-loaded module.

see PluginAdmin for a description of how Plugins are loaded.

see Plugins


Name Description
constructor(name: string): Plugin Constructor for base Plugin class  
onExecute(_args: string[]): void Abstract Method called immediately following the call to onLoad when the Plugin is first loaded, and also once for
each additional call to PluginAdmin.loadPlugin for the same Plugin.
onLoad(_args: string[]): void Method called when the Plugin is first loaded.  
resolveResourceUrl(relativeUrl: string): string Returns a fully qualified resource URL (needed when the plugin is loaded from an external server  
setI18n(defaultNamespace?: string, options?: I18NOptions): void Can be used to set up a localization instance.  


Name Type Description
i18n Accessor ReadOnly I18N Property that retrieves the localization instance specific to the Plugin.  
name ConstructorProperty string the name of the plugin.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019