openToolTip Method

Show a tooltip window. Saves tooltip location for AccuSnap to test if cursor has moved far enough away to close tooltip.

openToolTip(_htmlElement: HTMLElement, message: HTMLElement | string, location?: XAndY, options?: ToolTipOptions): void

note If message is an HTMLElement, the notification manager will display the HTMLElement verbatim. This can represent a security risk if any part the element is created from user input. Applications should be careful to sanitize any such input before creating an HTMLElement to pass to this method.

Parameter Type Description
_htmlElement HTMLElement  
message HTMLElement | string What to display inside the ToolTip. May be a string or an HTMLElement.
location XAndY An optional location, relative to the origin of _htmlElement, for the ToolTip. If undefined, center of _htmlElement
options ToolTipOptions Options that supply additional information about how the ToolTip should function.

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019