NotificationManager Class

The NotificationManager controls the interaction with the user for prompts, error messages, and alert dialogs. Implementations of the NotificationManager may present the information in different ways. For example, in non-interactive sessions, these messages may be saved to a log file or simply discarded.


Name Description
_showToolTip(_htmlElement: HTMLElement, _message: HTMLElement | string, _location?: XAndY, _options?: ToolTipOptions): void Protected Implement to display a tooltip message at the specified location.  
clearToolTip(): void Clear the tooltip if it is currently open.  
closeInputFieldMessage(): void Close message created with OutputMessageType.InputField.  
closePointerMessage(): void Close message created with OutputMessageType.Pointer.  
endActivityMessage(_reason: ActivityMessageEndReason): boolean End an activity message.  
openMessageBox(_mbType: MessageBoxType, _message: HTMLElement | string, _icon: MessageBoxIconType): Promise<MessageBoxValue> Output a MessageBox and wait for response from the user.  
openToolTip(_htmlElement: HTMLElement, message: HTMLElement | string, location?: XAndY, options?: ToolTipOptions): void Show a tooltip window.  
outputActivityMessage(_messageText: HTMLElement | string, _percentComplete: number): boolean Output an activity message to the user.  
outputMessage(_message: NotifyMessageDetails): void Output a message and/or alert to the user.  
outputPrompt(_prompt: string): void Output a localized prompt to the user.  
outputPromptByKey(key: string): void Output a prompt, given an i18n key.  
setupActivityMessage(_details: ActivityMessageDetails): boolean Set up for activity messages.  
updatePointerMessage(_displayPoint: XAndY, _relativePosition: RelativePosition = RelativePosition.TopRight): void Update message position created with OutputMessageType.Pointer.  


Name Type Description
isToolTipOpen Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if the tooltip is currently open.  
isToolTipSupported Accessor ReadOnly boolean Return true if _showTooltip has an implementation and will display a tooltip.  
toolTipLocation Point2d    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019