ElementLocateManager Class


Name Description
clear(): void    
doLocate(response: LocateResponse, newSearch: boolean, testPoint: Point3d, view: ScreenViewport | undefined, source: InputSource, filterHits: boolean = true): Promise<HitDetail | undefined>    
filterHit(hit: HitDetail, _action: LocateAction, out: LocateResponse): Promise<LocateFilterStatus>    
getNextHit(): HitDetail | undefined    
getPreLocatedHit(): HitDetail | undefined return the current path from either the snapping logic or the pre-locating systems.  
initLocateOptions(): void    
initToolLocate(): void    
onInitialized(): void    
setCurrHit(hit?: HitDetail): void    
setHitList(list?: HitList<HitDetail>): void    
getFailureMessageKey(key: string): string Static get the full message key for a locate failure  


Name Type Description
apertureInches Accessor ReadOnly number    
currHit undefined | HitDetail    
hitList undefined | HitList<HitDetail>    
options LocateOptions    
picker ElementPicker    
touchApertureInches Accessor ReadOnly number    

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Last Updated: 20 September, 2019