AccuSnap Class

AccuSnap is an aide for snapping to interesting points on elements or decorations as the cursor moves over them.

see Using AccuSnap



Name Description
clear(): void Clear the current AccuSnap info.  
enableLocate(yesNo: boolean): void Enable locating elements.  
enableSnap(yesNo: boolean): void Turn AccuSnap on or off  
getActiveSnapModes(): SnapMode[] Get the current active SnapModes.  


Name Type Description
areFlashed Set<Viewport> Views that are already flashed  
aSnapHits undefined | HitList<HitDetail> Current list of hits.  
cross SpriteLocation The "+" that indicates where the snap point is  
currHit undefined | HitDetail Currently active hit  
errorIcon SpriteLocation The icon that indicates an error  
errorKey undefined | string Reason key for last error  
explanation undefined | string localized message explaining why last error was generated.  
icon SpriteLocation The icon that indicates what type of snap is active  
isActive Accessor ReadOnly boolean Check to see whether its appropriate to generate an AccuSnap point, given the current user
and command settings, and whether a tentative point is currently active.
isHot Accessor ReadOnly boolean Determine whether there is a current hit that is hot.  
isLocateEnabled Accessor ReadOnly boolean Whether locate of elements under the cursor is enabled by the current InteractiveTool.  
isSnapEnabled Accessor ReadOnly boolean Whether snapping to elements under the cursor is enabled by the current InteractiveTool.  
isSnapEnabledByUser Accessor ReadOnly boolean Whether the user setting for snapping is enabled.  
keypointDivisor Accessor ReadOnly number Get the current snap divisor to use to use for SnapMode.NearestKeypoint.  
needFlash Set<Viewport> Views that need to be flashed  

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Last Updated: 08 January, 2020