IModelConnection.Models Class

The collection of loaded ModelState objects for an IModelConnection.


Name Description
getLoaded(id: string): ModelState | undefined Find a ModelState in the set of loaded Models by ModelId.  
getProps(modelIds: Id64Arg): Promise<ModelProps[]> Get a batch of ModelProps given a list of Model ids.  
load(modelIds: Id64Arg): Promise<void> load a set of Models by Ids.  
queryModelRanges(modelIds: Id64Arg): Promise<Range3dProps[]> Query for a set of model ranges by ModelIds.  
queryProps(queryParams: ModelQueryParams): Promise<ModelProps[]> Query for a set of ModelProps of the specified ModelQueryParams.  


Name Type Description
loaded Map<string, ModelState> The set of loaded models for this IModelConnection, indexed by Id.  
repositoryModelId Accessor ReadOnly string The Id of the RepositoryModel.  

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Last Updated: 10 September, 2019