Name Description
AccuDraw Accudraw is an aide for entering coordinate data.
AccuDrawHintBuilder AccuDrawHintBuilder is a Tool helper class that facilitates AccuDraw interaction.
AccuDrawShortcuts A shortcut may require no user input (immediate) or it may install a viewing tool.Tool implementors should not use
AccuSnap AccuSnap is an aide for snapping to interesting points on elements or decorations as the cursor moves over them.
ActivityMessageDetails Specifies the details of an activity message to be displayed to the user.
AuxCoordSystem2dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem2d element in the frontend
AuxCoordSystem3dState The state of an AuxCoordSystem3d element in the frontend
AuxCoordSystemSpatialState The state of an AuxCoordSystemSpatial element in the frontend
AuxCoordSystemState The state of an AuxCoordSystem element in the frontend
BeTouchEvent Specialization of ButtonEvent for touch input.
BeWheelEvent Information about movement of the mouse wheel.
CategorySelectorState A set of Categories to be displayed in a ViewState.
Cluster A cluster of one or more Markers that overlap one another in the view.
ConversionData Class that implements the minimum UnitConversion interface to provide information needed to convert unit values.
DecorateContext Provides context for a Decorator to add Decorations to be rendered within a Viewport.
DecorationAnimator A ViewportAnimator that animates decorations.
Decorations A set of RenderGraphics and CanvasDecorations produced by Tools and Decorators, used to decorate the contents of a Viewport.
DepthRangeNpc The minimum and maximum values for the z-depth of a rectangle of screen space.
DisplayStyle2dState A DisplayStyle for 2d views
DisplayStyle3dState A {{DisplayStyle]] for 3d views
DisplayStyleState A DisplayStyle defines the parameters for 'styling' the contents of a ViewState
DrawingModelState Represents the front-end state of a DrawingModel.
DrawingViewState A view of a DrawingModel
DynamicsContext Provides context for an InteractiveTool to display decorations representing its current state.
ElementState The "state" of an Element as represented in a web browser.
EntityState The "state" of an Entity as represented in a web browser.
Environment Describes the SkyBox and GroundPlane associated with a DisplayStyle3dState.
EventController An EventController maps user input events from the canvas of a Viewport to the ToolAdmin so that tools can process them.
FenceParams Class for finding elements that are inside or overlap a volume defined by an
FitViewTool A tool that performs a fit view
FlyViewTool A tool that performs the fly operation
FuzzySearchResults This class is used to return the results of
GeometricModel2dState Represents the front-end state of a GeometricModel2d.
GeometricModel3dState Represents the front-end state of a GeometricModel3d.
GeometricModelState Represents the front-end state of a GeometricModel.
GraphicBranch A node in a scene graph.
GraphicBuilder Provides methods for constructing a RenderGraphic from geometric primitives.
HilitedSet A set of hilited elements for an IModelConnection, by element id.
HitDetail A HitDetail stores the result when locating geometry displayed in a view.
HitList The result of a "locate" is a sorted list of objects that satisfied the search criteria (a HitList).
IconSprites Icon sprites are loaded from .png files in the assets directory of imodeljs-native.
IdleTool The default "idle" tool.
IModelApp Creates an Application to show an iModel in a web browser.
IModelConnection A connection to an iModel database hosted on the backend.
IModelConnection.CodeSpecs The collection of CodeSpec entities for an IModelConnection.
IModelConnection.Elements The collection of Elements for an IModelConnection.
IModelConnection.Models The collection of loaded ModelState objects for an IModelConnection.
IModelConnection.Views The collection of views for an IModelConnection.
InputCollector The InputCollector class can be used to implement a command for gathering input (ex.
InteractiveTool A Tool that may be installed, via ToolAdmin, to handle user input.
LocateOptions Options that customize the way element location (i.e.
LookViewTool A tool that performs the look operation
MarginPercent Margins for white space to be left around view volumes for ViewState.lookAtVolume.
Marker A Marker is a CanvasDecoration, whose position follows a fixed location in world space.
MarkerSet A set of Markers that are logically related, such that they cluster when they overlap.
ModelSelectorState The state of a ModelSelector.
ModelState Represents the front-end state of a Model.
NotificationManager The NotificationManager controls the interaction with the user for prompts, error messages, and alert dialogs.
NotifyMessageDetails Describes a message to be displayed to the user.
OidcBrowserClient Utility to generate OIDC/OAuth tokens for frontend applications
OrthographicViewState Defines a spatial view that displays geometry on the image plane using a parallel orthographic projection.
PackedFeatureTable An immutable, packed representation of a FeatureTable.
PanViewTool The tool that performs a Pan view operation
PluginTool An Immediate Tool that allows an iModelJs plugin module to be loaded .
PrimitiveTool The PrimitiveTool class can be used to implement tools to create or modify geometric elements.
QuantityFormatter Formats quantity values into strings.
RenderClipVolume An opaque representation of a clip volume applied to geometry within a Viewport.
RenderContext Provides context for producing RenderGraphics for drawing within a Viewport.
RenderGraphic Abstract representation of an object which can be rendered by a RenderSystem.
RenderSystem A RenderSystem provides access to resources used by the internal WebGL-based rendering system.
RenderTarget A RenderTarget connects a Viewport to a WebGLRenderingContext to enable the viewport's contents to be displayed on the screen.
RotateViewTool A tool that performs a Rotate view operation
ScreenViewport An interactive Viewport that exists within an HTMLDivElement.
ScrollViewTool A tool that performs the scroll operation
SectionDrawingModelState Represents the front-end state of a SectionDrawingModel.
SelectionSet A set of currently selected elements for an IModelConnection.
SelectionTool Tool for picking a set of elements of interest, selected by the user.
SheetBorder Describes the geometry and styling of a sheet border decoration.
SheetModelState Represents the front-end state of a SheetModel.
SheetViewState A view of a SheetModel
SkyBox The SkyBox is part of an Environment drawn in the background of spatial views to provide context.
SkyCube A SkyBox drawn as a cube with an image mapped to each of its interior faces.
SkyGradient ###TODO Document me...
SkySphere A SkyBox drawn as a sphere with an image mapped to its interior surface.
SnapDetail A SnapDetail is generated from the result of IModelDb.requestSnap call.
SpatialModelState Represents the front-end state of a SpatialModel.
SpatialViewState Defines a view of one or more SpatialModels.
Sprite Sprites are small raster images that are drawn on top of Viewports by a ViewDecoration.
SpriteLocation A Sprite location.
StandardView Supplies access to a set of commonly-used view rotations.
Tool Base Tool class for writing an immediate tool that executes it's assigned task immediately without further input.
ToolAdmin Controls operation of Tools.
ToolRegistry The ToolRegistry holds a mapping between toolIds and their corresponding Tool class.
ToolSettings Settings that control the behavior of built-in tools.
TwoWayViewportSync Forms a 2-way connection between 2 Viewports of the same iModel, such that any change of the parameters in one will be reflected in the other.
Unit Class that implements the UnitProps interface so that it can be used by the UnitProvider to retrieve unit information.
ViewManager The ViewManager holds the list of opened views, plus the selected view.
ViewManip Base class for tools that manipulate the frustum of a Viewport.
Viewport A Viewport renders the contents of one or more Models onto an HTMLCanvasElement.
ViewRect A rectangle in integer view coordinates with (0,0) corresponding to the top-left corner of the view.
ViewRedoTool A tool that performs view redo operation.
ViewState The front-end state of a ViewDefinition element.
ViewState2d Defines the state of a view of a single 2d model.
ViewState3d Defines the state of a view of 3d models.
ViewSubCategories Stores information about sub-categories specific to a ViewState.
ViewToggleCameraTool A tool that toggles the camera on/off in a spatial view
ViewTool An InteractiveTool that manipulates a view.
ViewUndoTool A tool that performs view undo operation.
WalkViewTool A tool that performs the walk operation
WindowAreaTool A tool that performs a Window-area view operation
ZoomViewTool A tool that performs the zoom operation


Name Description
ActivityMessageEndReason Reason for ending the activity message via endActivityMessage
BeModifierKeys Numeric mask for a set of modifier keys (control, shift, and alt).
ClippingType Describes the type of a RenderClipVolume.
ClipResult Helps determine the action ModifyAgenda will take on the agenda elements after calling doFenceClip.
CoordSource The source that generated a coordinate.
CoordSystem Coordinate system types
ElemMethod The method that will be used to update the tool's ElementAgenda.
ElemSource The requested source for the elements to modify.
ErrorNums ElemSource specific failures.
FenceClipMode The fence clip mode controls element acceptance criteria.
GraphicType Describes the type of a GraphicBuilder, which defines the coordinate system in which the builder's geometry is defined and
GridOrientationType Describes the orientation of the grid displayed within a Viewport.
HitGeomType What was being tested to generate this hit.
HitParentGeomType Classification of GeometricPrimitive that generated the Hit.
HitSource The procedure that generated this Hit.
InputSource The source that generated an event.
LocateAction The possible actions for which a locate filter can be called.
LocateFilterStatus Values to return from a locate filter.
MessageBoxIconType Describes the icon displayed in a messagebox opened using NotificationManager.openMessageBox.
MessageBoxType Describes the set of buttons displayed in a messagebox opened using NotificationManager.openMessageBox.
MessageBoxValue Describes the possible return values produced when the user clicks a button in a messagebox opened using NotificationManager.openMessageBox.
OutputMessageAlert Describes the alert behavior of a NotifyMessageDetails.
OutputMessagePriority Classifies a NotifyMessageDetails by its level of importance.
OutputMessageType Describes the type and behavior of a NotifyMessageDetails.
QuantityType Defines standard format types for tools that need to display measurements to user.
RelativePosition Relative Position for setPointerTypeDetails
RemoveMe Status for ViewportAnimator.animate.
SelectEventType event types for SelectionSet.onChanged
SelectionMethod The method for choosing elements with the SelectionTool
SelectionMode The mode for choosing elements with the SelectionTool
SelectionProcessing The processing method to use to update the current selection.
StandardViewId Describes a set of commonly-used view rotations.
UsesDragSelect Should ElemSource::Pick allow a drag select to identify elements.
UsesFence Should the active fence be used, required, or ignored as a possible ElemSource.
UsesSelection Should the active selection set be used, required, or ignored as a possible ElemSource.
ViewStatus Describes the result of a viewing operation such as those exposed by ViewState and Viewport.

Global Functions

Name Description
extractImageSourceDimensions Extract the dimensions of the jpeg or png data encoded in an ImageSource.
getImageSourceFormatForMimeType Get the ImageSourceFormat corresponding to the mime type string, or undefined if the string does not identify a supported ImageSourceFormat.
getImageSourceMimeType Get a string describing the mime type associated with an ImageSource format.
imageBufferToBase64EncodedPng Converts the contents of an ImageBuffer to PNG format.
imageBufferToPngDataUrl Produces a data url in "image/png" format from the contents of an ImageBuffer.
imageElementFromImageSource Extract an html Image element from a binary jpeg or png.


Name Description
CanvasDecoration A Decoration)] that is drawn onto the
Decorator Interface for drawing "decorations" into, or on top of, the active Viewports.
FuzzySearchResult Interface implemented by objects returned while iterating through FuzzySearchResults
IModelConnection.ViewSpec The id/name/class of a ViewDefinition.
SelectedViewportChangedArgs Argument for ViewManager.onSelectedViewportChanged
TextureImage Describes a texture loaded from an HTMLImageElement
ToolTipOptions Describes the behavior of a tooltip created using NotificationManager.openToolTip.
ViewChangeOptions Options that control how operations that change a view work.
ViewportAnimator An object to animate a transition of a Viewport.
ZoomToOptions Options to allow changing the view rotation with zoomTo methods.


Name Description
EditManipulator A manipulator maintains a set of controls used to modify element(s) or pickable decorations.
FeatureSymbology Contains types that enable an application to customize how FeatureSymbology.Features are drawn within a Viewport.
GltfTileIO Provides facilities for deserializing tiles in the glTF tile format.
Pixel Describes aspects of a pixel as read from a Viewport.
TileIO Provides facilities for deserializing 3d tiles

Type Aliases

Name Description
AddFeatureOverrides A function which customizes the appearance of Features within a Viewport.
CanvasDecorationList An array of CanvasDecorations
GraphicList An array of RenderGraphics.
MarkerImage The types that may be used

Last Updated: 17 December, 2018